N-Soft can assist in the financing of the solution implementation, thereby assisting Government’s in their budget constraints

Founded in 1986, N-Soft has leveraged its expertise from being a pioneer in interconnection and real-time technologies to become a world-leading supplier of across-the-board solutions to government and regulatory authorities.?our extensive internal research and development team is constantly working with its customers and industry standards bodies to develop compliant and innovative solutions, whilst rapidly and efficiently adapting to the demands of the industry. N-Soft provides with the all-important tools to gain total visibility, both from a revenue and technical perspective.

N-Soft is a member of the International Telecommunications Union and as such we ensure that all our solutions and services conform to the ITU standards. We strive to protect and support everyone’s fundamental right to communicate and defining the technologies and laws of tomorrow.

N-Soft has a staff of highly talented and experienced professionals from over 15 different countries, who have proven track records in the successful development of cutting-edge systems and services for the telecommunications markets. We pride ourselves on being a global player with our Corporate Head Quarters located in Hong Kong, along with offices and operation centers throughout the world (Mali, Chad, Mexico, France, South Africa). Our customers derive benefit from our services both locally, via the infrastructures and teams that we put in place, and internationally, through our network of worldwide partners.


N-Soft mission is to actively contribute to the development of countries by creating new possibilities through robust telecommunications services that provide full visibility to the State. N-Soft delivers cutting edge turnkey solutions to Governments and Regulatory Authorities that improve the quality and service experience of all stakeholders, Operators and subscribers.


As a high-tech company, N-Soft’s mission is essentially to optimize the capabilities of its partners (our customers) by supplying them with the necessary means to achieve their objectives. As a corporate citizen, we apply the same vision to our social engagement in emerging markets. In collaboration with governments and the private sector, we contribute to the development of capabilities within the local communities. Reduction of the digital divide and support for education are causes that are close to our heart. We strongly believe that any company doing business in a country has the responsibility to reinvest in the well-being and development of its local communities:

Patronage and sponsorship:we sponsor events and associations that contribute, each in its own way, to the well-being and development of communities, such as the development of both academic and sports programs for youths.

Humanitarian aid:along with our usual charity work, we also contribute to the efforts made to bring humanitarian aid to the populations affected by emergency or disaster situations.


  • Outstanding business intelligence developed over more than 30 years of extensive experience in the provision of solutions and services to the Telecommunications industry
  • Development and customization of applications and technologies to meet customer requirements and ITU standards
  • Projects delivered under business models best suited to the customer, such as the BOT Build-Operate-Transfer and PPP- Public , Private Partnerships models
  • A highly reliable and flexible partner committed to success for the duration of the contract
  • Dedicated permanent local teams who have empathy for the local business environment and cultures and can adapt the solutions to meet the needs
  • Local capacities enhanced by N-Soft’s international resources (international fraud detection units, market surveillance departments, training facilities, support and maintenance services)
  • Independence and neutrality as a company specialized in services to Regulatory Authorities, thus allowing N-Soft to provide audit and monitoring services without any potential conflict of interest