We view our customers as partners and include them in the development and on-going enhancement of all the solutions, thereby ensuring their applicability to the market. We approach the partnership with our customers, the Governments and Regulators with a sense of openness and adaptability. We are fully aware that each of our customers operates in its own specific legal, regulatory, historical, social, cultural and economic contexts, despite the commonality of issues faced across most telecoms markets. In many ways, every customer is unique and as such N-Soft provides the empathy and experience to adapt both our relationships and solutions accordingly.


N-Soft has amassed a substantial portfolio of solutions for the Telecommunications industry, Governments and Regulators; all of which have been designed with agility in mind. That is, flexibility in the delivery of solutions that conform to open, industry standards. Solutions designed to be seamlessly and easily integrated into existing and future environments to deliver convergence across all industries. All of which are totally adaptable in a turn-key approach to each of our customer?s unique requirements. Our solutions have been designed to:

  • Be non-intrusive (without any impact on national networks)
  • Respect and preserve data confidentiality
  • Work in real-time
  • Include a rich and complete transfer of skills program


Agility is not just the domain of the solutions that we provide. N-Soft extends this approach to our business relationships and models. We further recognize the need to provide a high degree of flexibility in the commercial terms and agreements to address the specific demands of our partner/customers. Government budgeting models can impose unnecessary constraints on the need to quickly deploy solutions where allocations were not made to do so. We identify with the requirement of the Governments and Regulatory Authorities for quick and easy access to mission-critical and governance solutions. To this end, we can assist in removing the barriers that these institutions often have to face in bearing the upfront total cost of ownership of the governance solutions directly:

  • Build Operate and Transfer (BOT)
  • Public Private Partnership (PPP)
  • Acquisition with or without financing option