N-Soft is the industry leader in the provision of telecommunications related governance solutions and services technologies such as:

N-Soft adopts a multi-dimensional approach to partnering. We view our customers as partners, as they are key to our success in the on-going development and enhancement of our solutions for the industries. We approach the partnership with our customers, the Governments and Regulators with a sense of openness and adaptability. We are fully aware that each of our customers and potential partners operate in its own specific legal, regulatory, historical, social and economic contexts, despite the commonality of issues faced across most telecoms markets. However, their input to the research and development of new ground-breaking solutions from N-Soft is paramount to the success of the industry as a whole.


N-Soft brings to our partnerships a significant depth of expertise gained over 30 years of developing and delivering quality solutions for the Telecommunications industry.


N-Soft’s strength is underwritten by a talented group of highly experienced professionals who are dedicated, knowledgeable and visionary. Each one shares pride in helping our customers make telecommunications a driving force for development in their countries. N-Soft has an extensive internal Research and Development team who is constantly working to promote and develop innovative solutions that are compliant with best industry practices, whilst rapidly and efficiently adapting to the demands of our customers and the telecoms industry.
N-Soft views its membership of the International Telecommunications Union as a significant partnership by ensuring that all our solutions and services conform to the ITU standards. This partnership further upholds the ITU charter to bring telecommunications to the world. Like the ITU, we are committed to connecting all the world’s people wherever they live and whatever their means. Through our solutions, we strive to protect and support everyone’s fundamental right to communicate.