Regulators, Operators and Governments are now faced with several requirements of evolution. Among them is the need for improved identification and control of the registry of mobile subscribers. Most Governments and Regulators have implemented a system of registering subscribers to their SIM cards. However, recent activities of a terrorist nature have highlighted the need for better identification for the tracking and the use of SIM cards, but as most subscriptions are prepaid this can compound the problem of identification.

N-Soft assists National Regulatory Authorities in the development of appropriate solutions for the deployment of an efficient national subscriber and SIM card registry database. Each country is unique in their requirements and the potential constraints that they may have to address (remote areas, investment level, lack of technology, etc.).

N-Soft turnkey solution enables Regulatory Authorities to:

  • Determine the volume of identified and non-identified SIM card
  • Ensure that the identification process has been done properly with a correct and existing ID
  • Prevent against fraudulent identification
  • Provide a global and centralize view to ensure regulation compliancy in terms of SIM card per mobile user


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